Chicago based artist, Rhea the Second, is a singer/songwriter and producer ready to declare her spot as a leading vessel in today’s outpouring of young, female creatives with a song that truly embodies the essence of her artistry called "Pink Nation" slated to be released Spring 2019. Born and raised on Detroit's east side, Second, often pays homage to the music of Motown creating music that's soulful with subtle pop influences. By far the musical alchemist, Second is heavily inspired by artists including Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross and Michael Jackson. "Forever a student of Motown's legacy", says Second, it’s very evident she uses what they've made possible for music and art culture today as a blueprint for her own career. Ranging from experimental to the very heart of neo-soul, its clear her humbleness isn’t mirrored to her fiery passion for cultivating an eclectic sound. In 2011, Second joined her first band where she discovered a passion for music production. Inspired by artists like Janelle Monae, Little Dragon and Radiohead, Second, cultivates her music based off feeling. With sonic connections between the classic sound of Motown and the musical intricacies of the more "alternative" or "eccentric" artist emerging within her melodies and instrumentation, Second cleverly engineers a sound that's both inimitable enough to set her apart from other artists yet familiar enough to woo and captivate your everyday listener.