Rosebud allday is a freshly-formed art collective producing diverse creative content (music, videos, poetry, visual arts, live events, etc.) true to the roots of our home while aiming at global distribution. Founded in Chicago in 2018 by producer Jayson Rose and Bill Ocean, Rosebud develops artists in both the recording studio and the public eye. most all creative content is written, recorded, and produced within the Rosebud community, fostering a uniquely collaborative atmosphere. Rosebud thrives on the creative contributions of each individual who in turn benefit from the unparalleled connections, talent, and development strategies of the collective.

Through a dense network of professional connections, Rosebud ensures that artists grow in tandem with their audience, strengthening their ever-evolving public engagements. The Rosebud professional team includes publicity companies, publishing houses, booking agents, and business managers working towards shared goals to increase public exposure, deepen audience interaction, and ultimately strengthen revenue streams for continued artistry.



+ jayson@RosebudALLDAY.com
+ Billy@rosebuDALLDAY.com