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Genre-defying artist, KAI (A.K.A. Shalynn Brown), brings a new and intensely felt expression to the Chicago music scene. A virtuosic multi-instrumentalist born and raised in St. Louis, Red DEVELOPED THEIR ARTISTRY as a drummer supporting acts such as the Oh My's, RICH JONES, Via Rosa of Drama Duo, Drea the Vibe Dealer and more.

While studying music performance at Columbia College, Red joined fellow EMERGING artists Loona Dae, Gem Tree, Schenay, and Ora in forming the Highness Collective. The group’s eclectic synthesis of funk, soul, and hip-hop quickly made waves through Chicago’s underground scene. After THE SUCCESSFUL RELEASE OF TheIR SElf-TITLEd EP in 2012, Highness agreed to support & nurture each other in embarking on personal projects. 

NOW, KAI IS poised to unveil THEIR NEWEST SOLO WORK, Violent Eyes/#1. With vulnerable and timely lyricism, a voice that alternates between gravel and silk, AND POLYRHYTHMS THAT ENCIRCLE THE SOUL, this release showcases Red's talents AS A PERFORMER, WRITEr, AND CO-PRODUCER.  

THIS MUSIC is a sensory experience, one that blossoms in the eardrums and awakenS the DEPTHS OF THE root chakra. A heady brew of early R&B samples, Jazz and neo-soul elements cohere over beats that recall early Chicago warehouse music. RED's strong yet vulnerable vocals riff on themes ranging from love of Maryjane to the tension between authentic self-expression and societal expectations.

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